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Birgit Stark

Dr. Carlos Parreira kindly handed the governing responsibilities of ESAPS/EASAPS over to me after approval by the general assembly in Lisbon 2022. To serve European aesthetic societies (EASAPS) as well as individual plastic surgeons (ESAPS) is a great honor but also a challenge. Together with past president Ivar van Heijningen, immediate past president Carlos Parreira and president elect Michel Rouif, we discussed and defined the future path for ESAPS/EASAPS some years ago and our thoughts are well documented in the “long term vision” document. The next years to come will therefore follow a logical and sequential pathway.

During my term 2022 -2024, I will humbly serve to promote our core values so well defined by dedicated and hardworking earlier leaders and individuals of our society. Together with my team, we will focus on creating value for individual members and societies by promoting Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as one united speciality. In my view, we should bridge the gap between academic reconstructive plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery for the benefit of patients. Understanding and mutual respect for both medical fields can help to improve patients’ outcomes by improved systematic and comprehensive education of young colleagues. It is therefore a pleasure to work on standards for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery training and present regular educational events in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Preparation of the scientific programme of the next biennial meeting in Gothenburg, April 24 has already been undertaken.

In addition, we offer the excellent “Patient Safety Handbook” edited by Dr. Jesús Benito Ruiz and his team and are preparing a database for relevant scientific publications. Updates on Public Hearings, CEN communications, Medical Device Regulations and interactions with media will be communicated in our newsletters and presidential retreats. Internally, we have much work to do to improve the ESAPS administrative structure and define an internal code of conduct with a background of clear governance definitions and structure. We are expecting interesting discussions and regular interactions with our industry partners with a common endpoint of promoting and improving patient safety.

My primary function will be to orchestrate all committees within a democratic environment and spirit to end up with a well performing symphony without dissonances.  I value the input and contributions of all aesthetic plastic surgeons in Europe. ESAPS and EASAPS have no future without your valuable confidence in my intentions and aspirations and those of our fantastic colleagues in different committees serving our specialty of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Birgit Stark

ESAPS President

How to become a member of ESAPS

ESAPS offers all members of the European National Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Societies better fees.  To join you must register in so that we can verify that you are an officially registered plastic surgeon in your country first.

If you are, and you have an interest in Aesthetic procedures, and would like to be informed and educated by the best from Europe, then please join ESAPS

If you do, ESAPS offers you an upgrade of your listing on for a year and give you the option to add your photo, website, social media etc.


Please register as a Real Plastic Surgeon and then subscribe to ESAPS from your profile after being verified.

Our focus

The goal of serving aesthetic plastic surgeons has always been the philosophy of EASAPS: We are extending this goal to ESAPS and reaching out to all trained plastic surgeons in Europe.

One voice in Europe

Strength in numbers is very true. Comparing and sharing information and statistics is a focal point for ESAPS. We can speak on behalf of those countries that do not have a National Societies for aesthetic plastic surgeon and we join hands with all the National Societies to bring our speciality the opportunity to make the environment safer for our patients and accelerate the diffusion of important news.

Safety for patients

This aspect should be the core of every plastic surgeons daily activity. Cross border surgery and the fact that non specialized doctors and other figures are carrying out delicate procedures, has brought around the need to have tight regulation regarding the safety of our patients. ESAPS and EASAPS are developing guidelines and documents that will be useful for your daily practice.

A platform for young surgeons

The young surgeons from Europe need the support from established professionals in aesthetic surgery, to allow them to get the correct training is aesthetic procedures that is lacking in many countries.
European centers of excellence will be defined for young specialist and residents to transmit experience and knowledge in the difficult field of aesthetic plastic surgery

Exchange of experience

We are always ready to involve and engage with our members. A place where difficult cased can be discussed and ideas can be brought in and developed for the benefit of the community. It is one of our goals to develop a forum with experts in different fields of aesthetic plastic surgery for ESAPS members to discuss adverse results and complications. Biennial meetings will be organized in the future and annual workshops together with the national societies are planned

Real Plastic Surgeon

Easaps has created an informative website for the general public where they can check if their doctor really is a plastic surgeon. This, in response to the general concern of all European Plastic Surgeons that rising numbers of other specialties, doctors and even non-doctors are carrying out interventions of aesthetic plastic sugery. An example of how the website will look by clicking here
Since cross-border medical tourism is a frequent reality in Europe we believe that patients need to be protected and informed.
In order to be GDPR-compliant we need permission to list your name, town and country on this website.



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